Monday, October 1, 2012

The Harrow Collection

It's October 1, which means that autumn is really right now!  And to celebrate my favorite season, I give you The Harrow Collection. 

The Harrow Collection

This collection is a collaboration with Malabrigo Yarns for their Freelance Pattern Project.  Every month, they feature a new ebook (sometimes a few) from independent designers and I was lucky enough to get October as my month.  

I knew I wanted to design something that would give a nod to Halloween and the Day of the Dead without just making a collection of costumes.  This Pinterest pin board gives a good feel for the mood I was in when I was designing these patterns.

I was thinking elegant, but cozy; old-fashioned, but practical.  Now I know someone is going to say that knitted bloomers with buttoned lace edgings and silk ribbons are not practical.

Issa's Bloomers

I have to disagree.  Fancy bloomers make a lady feel fancy for one, which is a very worthy effect.  Not only that, but they can be worn around the house instead of sweat pants, or even better, under that too-short skirt!  Imagine wearing these with a floofy skirt, tall leg warmers, and clompy boots for the perfect fall ensemble.  (Good for autumn bike riding too!)

Issa's Bloomers

Whittingham is a square lace wrap with a lacy knitted-on edging.  It's the perfect size for wrapping around your shoulders to keep out the chill or draping over your lap for a long evening of knitting.  I like to wear it as a scarf because the luscious Malabrigo fabric and the lace edging gives it this wonderfully dramatic look.  


The lace is worked on both right and wrong sides, but it's very rhythmic, and both my testers and I really enjoyed knitting it.  The heavy worsted weight gauge makes the project go surprisingly quickly.


When curled up knitting next to a roaring fire, you don't just need fancy old-fashioned underwear and a lace wrap, you also need slippers!  Zarzamora are designed using the same lace pattern as Whittingham.  I used Malabrigo Rios for these because the plied, machine washable yarn is squishy and durable as well as being Malabrigo-oh-so-soft.  They're worked like a typical cuff-down sock, but the heavy weight means they're done in no time, which makes them a great gift knit.  


I hope you enjoy all three patterns.  They're available as individual downloads and as a collection.  You can also see the collection on Ravelry.

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