Friday, March 22, 2013

Exploring the Island

We're starting to have some sunny days here, though it's still fairly cold.  It's been fun taking advantage of the sunshine though, to ride some places we haven't been before.  Recently my fella and I decided we'd try to find a new beach.  It reminded me of the kind of exploring I used to do as a kid in the jungle.  We didn't have a particular place we wanted to go, but we did want to find something interesting.  After a short ride through some nearby neighborhoods, we came across a sign that said, "Beach Access" and there was a grassy trail.  So we took the trail, and it soon turned into more of a mountain biking path.  We stayed on our bikes, moving along pretty slowly (neither of our bikes are mountain bikes) for a little while, but eventually had to get off and walk.  Then we came to this:

Which led to this:

We were being adventurous, so we just carried our bikes down.  I figured that a beach that was so hard to get to must be beautiful.  We didn't know how far we'd feel like wandering, so we locked our bikes up and just enjoyed the scenery.

Once it's sunny and warm, I think we'll get out and have lots of these exploratory adventures.  When it was time to go home, I feel proud to say, I carried my bike back up the stairs, and rode up some hills afterward too.

I'm working on knitting some samples and testing two new patterns that will be debuted at Vogue Knitting Live Seattle, so I hope to see some of you there!  

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