Monday, October 14, 2013


If you've looked at my website very closely, you may have noticed this logo in a few places:

Today I'm going to share what that logo means.

Last year at about this time, Jessie Kwak, Nalisha Rangel, and I came together for a fun weekend that turned into something much more meaningful.  We've been friends for years, but after getting into discussion surrounding the independent creative work that we were all doing, we formed TRIFECTA, a tiny organization that includes just the three of us.  The purpose of TRIFECTA is to provide moral support, accountability, brainstorming, advice, and a space for celebration of successes.  

Nalisha Rangel, me, and Jessie Kwak, October 2012 
That weekend we discussed our current work and our goals for the future.  We also made a plan that every Monday we would check in via our TRIFECTA Google Group, sharing that week's accomplishments, goals, and sometimes, pleas for help.  

That Weekly Check-in has happened every week without fail for a year, and this weekend was our second annual Cowichan Bay TRIFECTA Business and Wine Retreat.  Though we talk every week, Jessie and Nalisha live in Seattle, so it was fantastic to have them up for a relaxing and inspiring visit.

Me, Jessie, and Nalisha, October 2013
Having this supportive community has been a huge boon to my work and I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of this small network.  You know about my work, so let me share a bit about Jessie and Nalisha.  

Jessie is a freelance writer who contributes articles to magazines and blogs, writes product copy, and provides all sorts of other professional writing and editing services.  Her own blog focuses on bike adventures and crafting, and can be found at Bicitoro.com.  She and I work together frequently because not only is she a writer and editor, she's a knitter too, so she does copy editing and product descriptions for my patterns.   

Nalisha creates whimsical, wearable art like tee shirts, baby clothes, and tote bags, as well as paintings, tattoo designs, and flow arts accessories.  She painted the shirt I'm wearing above - it's genius and I'll show you a better picture below.  And she knitted that lush cowl she's wearing too!  

They rode up from Seattle, so our tiny apartment was full of bicycles while we worked on reviewing last year's goals and setting new ones for the coming months.  (That exercise ball just rolled around the room when somebody wasn't sitting, stretching, or bouncing on it.)

The weather was incredible this weekend - sunshine and perfect, fresh fall air - so we also took time out to ride around to a couple of local wineries.

Cherry Point Winery had excellent and really unique wines, including a blackberry dessert wine made from berries picked right in the neighborhood and purchased from the locals.  

Damali Lavendar Farm and Winery had a sweet labyrinth that we walked together.

We also ate really delicious food.

The whole weekend made me so appreciative of this group, and got me feeling inspired for the year to come.

Oh, and here's a better image of the tank I'm wearing above:

Tank design by Nalisha Rangel, skirt by Jessie Kwak

If you're from Seattle, you might get the reference, but just in case you don't: The South Lake Union Transit system is also known as the SLUT, and not only are the tracks notorious for causing bike wipe-outs, but the last time I was in Seattle, I personally went down pretty much just like this.  It was dark and raining, and from now on, I'll be riding on the sidewalks in South Lake Union.  

Here's to another year of TRIFECTA creativity and networking!  Can't wait to see where we're at in 2014.

Find out more about Jessie's work on her website.  
See Nalisha's art and check out her shop.


  1. How nice to have such as supportive group! I wish all three of you the best of luck in your endeavors.


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