Saturday, September 21, 2013

Biking to Lake Cowichan

It hasn't happened for years, but I got sick this week, so I spent most of my time sleeping and knitting Stockinette in bed.  But last week we had our longest bike-y adventure yet!  We biked about 50 miles to the town of Lake Cowichan and back.

Most of the ride there was on the Trans Canada Trail, which we've taken before and really enjoyed, though it is a lot bumpier than the road.  (Read about our previous rides to the Cowichan River and to the Kinsol Trestle.)  I lost another bolt, this time from my front fender, so I'm getting really diligent about checking when I hear extra rattling.

One of the fun things about taking the trail is the amazing wildlife we get to see.

This snake was warming itself in the middle of the trail when I almost ran over it.  It was only about as big around as my pinky finger and it looked so beautiful.  It didn't move even when we took a bunch of photos up close, so I was worried that it was injured.  But, it seemed to warm up and scurry out of the path in an instant - I guess it was trying to soak in some sun.

We didn't go to the lake itself, but we did stop by the river for a snack and to dip our toes in.  It was a perfect break from the ride, and not too cold.

Another thing I enjoy about riding on the trail is all of the old converted railroad trestles.  Some of them are really high and some just rise a bit above the river.  It's nice to have good landmarks to tell how far we've gone.  

The ride home on the road was smoother, but extremely windy, so while it was faster, it wasn't much easier.  I do feel like I'm getting stronger though, especially riding somewhat longer distances (35-50 miles or so) about once a week.  I almost can't believe that a year ago I hadn't ridden a bike since childhood!  Aside from knitting, I think it's pretty much my favorite thing to do now.


  1. Thank you for taking us along on your ride. Love that mushroom shot!

    1. Those mushrooms were magical! I love the little things you can see while riding that a person could never see from a car.


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