Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Little Cowichan Valley Springtime

The weather has warmed up and turned sunny here.  It's perfect and I love seeing some plants and animals around that I didn't see during the winter.  I'm not sure where these donkeys and alpacas were holed up, but it was a fun surprise to see them on my regular route to the farmer's market.

I'm pretty sure they were expecting treats from me based on their excessive friendliness.

Looks like the alpacas knew better.

We have some lovely trails right in our neighborhood.  The lush greenery is back after the gray of winter.

And of course, the blossoms.

As I celebrate my local area, I'm happy to have my first workshop scheduled locally.  I've teamed up with my local yarn shop, The Loom, to give an all-day workshop on sock knitting using the magic loop method.  Check out the class page for more info and to register.

In other springtime happenings, the Hazel Knits/Andrea Rangel Knit Along has gotten under way over in the Hazel Knits Ravelry group.  Come join us for discounted patterns, camaraderie, and a chance to win free patterns and a $50 gift certificate to the Hazel Knits online store.  Lots of folks are knitting ankle socks - Hex, Wendee, and Lochside - which are all perfect for wearing with clogs or Mary Jane's in warmer weather.  They're also fun and knit up fast. 

I hope the weather where you are is as beautiful as it is here!

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