Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seaside Village

Signs on the way to Cowichan Bay say "Seaside Village Route", and I love that.  It's really quite accurate to say we live in a seaside village, so now and again I go back to the water for more photos.  Recently I've noticed large container ships in the bay, which seems ridiculous - they seem so big to be in our tiny bay, but apparently the water is very deep, and the sight of container ships isn't uncommon.  They wait there (and all along the coast) if there's a line to get into the harbor in Vancouver.  

I've been told that some of the locals aren't very fond of these huge ships and find them to be an eyesore, but I think there's something intriguing about them.  Maybe I've been influenced by Ann Weaver and her Container Ships pattern club.

Lots of days have been winter-y northwest style: dripping rain and just-above-freezing temperatures (like today), but now and again, the temperature dips and the clouds part, and we get one of those bright, shiny days.

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