Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bike Travel in the Netherlands: Part 4

Yesterday we rode from Amsterdam to Den Helder and took the ferry to Texel. We spent the day today riding around Texel and seeing many, many sheep. And there were cats all over the place. I particularly appreciated this kitty sleeping next to a novelty cat toilet paper holder.

We had breakfast in the town of Den Berg, which had really charming narrow, winding streets and interesting old architecture.

Like the rest of the Netherlands that we've seen so far, Texel is an excellent place to ride, with wide cycle lanes and a beautiful and varied landscape. And as a bonus, the island is covered with sheep! I particularly adore the sheep that have so much wool they're completely round. And the tiny baby sheep.

The sheep produce a wonderful wool and, while I'm not sure it's available in North America, if you come to Amsterdam, you can get it at Penelope Craft.

I had a great time at Sunday's meet & greet, and I left my trunk show at the shop while I ride around the country. So if you didn't get a chance to come in on Sunday, do stop by this month to see the samples on display and get some Texel wool while you're there!


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