Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pembroke XL

Pembroke is a great chunky lace triangle that takes less than 300 yards to knit up.  It’s been one of my most popular patterns, and I’m sure part of the reason is that it’s such a quick knit - my original sample took me about 3 hours to make!  With a wingspan of 46 inches, it’s really in the shawlette category, and while lots of knitters have wanted to make it larger, it isn’t a straightforward process of repeating one of the charts an extra time.  

However, teaching a class on Pembroke at Tolt Yarn and Wool was the perfect excuse for me to re-knit the shawl in a larger version and create charts that could seamlessly take the knitter through the process of making a big one themselves.  Though my students were the first to get access to the new charts, I’m happy to now be offering them to all buyers of the Pembroke pattern through my Ravelry store and my website.  

I’ve uploaded the charts as a companion pdf file to the main pattern.  Customers who have already bought the pattern through my Ravelry store or website now have access to the supplementary charts through their Ravelry libraries.  (You should have recently received an update notice to let you know about the addition.)  Unfortunately, the charts are not available if you purchased the pattern through other sources such as Interweave, Craftsy, or Patternfish.  

Because of the addition of the new charts, I’ll be raising the price of the pattern from $6 to $7.  But, for  one week, you can get the pattern and the new supplementary charts for $6.  So if you’ve wanted to make a larger Pembroke, now is the time to snag the pattern and get the supplementary charts free before the price goes up on February 4.  

I knit my Pembroke XL using Brown Sheep Burly Spun in a rich green called Oregano.  It ended up with a wingspan of 56 in and took about 340 yards of yarn. 

Get it on Ravelry
Get it on my website


  1. It said at ravelry that there was an errata sheet? When I clicked on the link for the errata sheet, it said the link was broken. Is there an errata sheet, and if so, where do I find it? Or is this pattern error free? Thanks!

  2. Sorry about the broken link! I've corrected it on Ravelry - it's http://www.andreaknits.com/errata.html.

    The error had to do with the chart in the original independently-published design (not the Interweave version of the current version available on Ravelry and my website.) It was corrected on August 22, 2013, so if you got the pattern after that date, it should be correct.


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