Thursday, August 1, 2013


This month I'm knitting a bunch of projects on a very tight deadline, so I've had my head in my work quite a bit.  Since I have a tendency to become extra-focused, I actually really appreciate that I'm still required to do every-day tasks like going to the grocery store and washing the dishes.  It gets me up and moving, which allows me to stay clear when I get back to my work.  A trip to the bank is wonderful exercise, since it's a few miles by bike with a substantial hill on the way home.  And if I'm washing the dishes, I just have to glance out a nearby window to see our patch of forest and usually a crazy squirrel or two.  Lately, though, we've had visitors that are a bit bigger.

They've come around a few times and I've never seen an adult with them, which makes me wonder if they're orphans.  There are so many deer around here that even the fawns seem mostly unafraid of humans.  They were definitely interested in me and my camera, but let me take a whole lot of pictures and get pretty close before they casually hopped away.

I was pretty excited to get these pictures because we see so many deer out our windows (sometimes chewing on grass right outside the window), but they don't like the sound of the door opening and usually wander off before I get a chance to photograph them.  

I love that this is just a few feet from our door.  Such a magical place to live!

I have lots of new designs coming up this fall and winter, starting in just a few weeks.  I'll be debuting one at Fibrations in Victoria, so if you're in the area, or have been thinking of making a weekend trip, I'd love to see you there!  Registration for Knit Fit opens today too.  Even though it's definitely still summer here, I'm really getting revved up for autumn, as knitters do.  

Keep an eye on this space for a preview of a new shawl design soon!

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