Tuesday, November 6, 2012

True Grain

I've been having an amazing and overwhelming experience here in Seattle for Knit Fit.  The event was so seamlessly organized - I have to give a huge shout-out to Sasa and Hannah who put the whole thing together.  I also got the chance to do a photo shoot with three wonderful models (thanks Joe, Joseph, and Jon!) and the very talented photographer, Kathy Cadigan.  Once I'm home and can get my photos uploaded, I'll share lots more about the event and the upcoming book with you, but for now, I give you pictures of food.

In case I haven't already convinced you to come visit me up north, here are a few images of the bakery that brought us here, True Grain Bread.  The bicycles are outside, but the delicious-ness is inside.

You can get locally-made jam.  

And freshly-milled flour and oatmeal and granola.

And of course, amazing bread and pastries.  

And now I'm hungry.

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